Hi, I'm Tevi!

(rhymes with, “bevy”)

What I Do

Insatiably curious, relentlessly ambitious, and a perpetual tinkerer, I’m a designer who grasps the big picture about a business and understands all the variables at play to create clarity from confusion. I love solving complex problems as mush as I love crafting the perfect visual for it.

After working as an Art Director, I got tired of marketing mandates and SEO needs which hurt the user experience, and ultimately, hurt the brand and product. That’s when I switched gears to become a User Experience designer. Working for CSG, I led the UX on digital products for call centers and movie studios, working with amazing companies like Paramount Pictures, Disney, Comcast, and Time Warner. After a few years, I went out on my own doing UX consulting for bootstrapped and established startups, helping them achieve scale and profitability.

I joined Jumspeed Ventures in Jerusalem as Designer in Residence (a first for Israel!), helping portfolio companies with design, as well as coaching and helping them implement good design practices.

Currently, I lead the design team as Director of Design for Eved, in Chicago. I live in beautiful Bet Shemesh, Israel in the Samson Hills a bit south of Jerusalem, among gorgeous mountain biking and hiking trails and amazing boutique wineries.

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