Curbside Foodies

Project Description

Food truck foodies relied on looking out the window, or inaccurate apps to try and track and follow their favorite food trucks, while getting lunch in the city. Apps out there simply grabbed food truck location from twitter posts, which could be off by as much as 2 miles.We worked directly with food truck operators to get them sign up to our service, and used their phone’s GPS to track them accurately. The big payoff for them was in marketing data: they coudl track what foods were popular at what locations at what time of day. We got great user information by interviewing food truck operators.The company needed an iPhone app and branding. After a half dozen pages of sketches, I struck on the design – by accident. I had initially tossed the idea, but the sketch was still visible on a scan that had another sketch on it which I wanted to show the team. Everybody liked the concept, and the logo was finalized after a few rounds of polish.

Project Details

Skills Branding, UI Design

The app itself came through many rounds of iterating with the team, and talking with customers. I designed a simple UI for iOS which would help gourmet food truck operators run their business more efficiently, while also helping consumers find their favorite food trucks more accurately. I understood default iOS controls and styling, and kept things simple, so we could get the app out the door as fast as possible. I made sure things were really easy to use, and flows were simple.

I also designed and built a Drupal website for the company.