Project Overview

The Problem: Adding and configuring customers, while in the midst of fast-growth and increasing traction, was putting too much strain on a client’s developers.The Solution: I designed a new tool to manage most of the back-office functions, uncluding adding and updating membership accounts. The new tool eased pressure on the engineers and put the power and control into the hands of account and finance teams.I was designing a product for people to whom I had complete and unfettered access. This was a brand new product meant to eradicate painful, slow, manual processes, so we were starting from scratch. I interviewed target users, discussing their jobs and how they would be using this new application. I created a user interface which shared visual elements and color palette with other Eved-branded properties, yet retained it’s own unique look and feel.

The internal team was blown away and elated with the new administrative tool. They would now have the power to properly manage Eved customers and configure their services with an easy to use, custom-designed tool.

Project Details

Skills UX Design, User Research, UI Design, Prototyping