Nabo TV

In this breakneck-paced project, I had 2 weeks to create wireframes and come up with the flow and UI for this new TV set-top device. There were other roles depending on my deliverables in advance of their kickstarter campaign launch. The product was unique in that I was designing for something to have lots of flexibility and expandability, but I also still had to design for a basic remote control – 4 arrow keys, Enter and Back buttons. Additionally, the founder really wanted the user interface to have it’s own unique look, rather than look like it fit into one of the other ecosystems that already existed, such as Apple TV, Roku, Plex or Android TV.

It was really interesting being involved in this, with the crazy deadline, the unique user experience challenge, and creating for a brand new platform.


Project Details

Skills UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing, TV App