The Weekend Channel

The hardest part about working with a brand that specializes in creating luxury hotel experiences in the most exotic locations around the world is I wanted to take a vacation really badly, throughout this project! Starwood has some of the most beautiful hotels around the world and was looking to capture an audience who wanted a quick getaway with this lifestyle website.

Working with Ruxly Creative, the pitch was to entice casual vacation browsers with gorgeous and engaging content, and keep them coming back until they were ready to book their trip. After doing some basic research on their various social media properties, it was apparent there was lots of opportunity to capture some new demographics.

This project had a pretty tight deadline, and had to be mobile friendly – responsive and touch-friendly. Working with the account manager and the SPG brand manager, I created mockups and prototypes of the complete experience. The client was ecstatic with the result!

Project Details

Skills Research, UX Design, Art Direction, Wireframing, Prototyping, Mobile Design